Who is Crane for?

Crane is designed for developers who want to build an NFT marketplace for a specific collection(s) with full control and customizability over the full stack. Crane is not a white-label or no-code solution.

Under the hood, Crane utilizes the Seaport smart contract, provide you an order book database, and provide the SDK and APIs needed to build a full-featured marketplace.

You do not need to be a smart contract developer to use Crane. All you need to integrate Crane onto your front-end.

Why should I own my own marketplace?

There are many reasons why you should own your own marketplace:

  • Own your code. Integrate your unique features and be on top with the latest web3 technologies.
  • Own your data. Analyze user behavior. Quantify marketing strategies. Make data-driven business decisions.
  • Own your brand. Build an experience tailored to your brand and community.
  • Your fee structure. Implement fees however you want (% of sale, fixed fee, combination of both, etc) without depending on third-party marketplaces.